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  • 10 Coolest Gadgets Your Cat Will Love

    FrolliCat BOLT

    3. FroliCat BOLT

    Time to play, and cats sure love to play, especially when it’s chasing stuff around the house. How about a laser pointer? Classic. But this isn’t just any kind of laser pointer. It’s a device that shoots up the laser beam around in randomized motions making sure to keep your cat immersed in the chase without you having to do anything but watch the funny drama.

    4. FroliCat POUNCE

    Speaking of play, POUNCE will have your cat polish up those mouse catching skills by chasing Marshal Maus, an electronic mouse whizzing unpredictably around the circular track of this toy. It’s even got the obstacles for the mouse to hide in just to make the chase a little bit more fun and challenging.

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