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  • 5 Signs You Don’t Need a PC Anymore

    Attractive blonde woman with tablet computer in urban backgroundPhoto by javi_indy

    So do you really need a PC anymore? Not if…

    1. Your career doesn’t require you to own a computer at home

    A lot of jobs nowadays involve computers to some degree, but they are often computers available at the workplace for the designated purpose, often running a few work applications that you probably wouldn’t dream of installing at home. You come home to unwind, and your tablet allows you to do that without sitting at a yet another desk, while still being connected to everything your PC would be connected to.

    On the other hand if you’re a web developer, music producer, graphics designer, video editor or otherwise involved in digital media development, you’ll probably want a powerful home PC even if you have one available at work. But if you’re in none of these industries, and your hobbies don’t involve these things, you pretty much don’t need a PC for any kind of professional or hobbyist work.

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    1. -=Geo=-

      24 August, 2014 at 11:48 am

      Don’t you mean “Desktop”? Laptop/Notefooks are really PC’s too. As I know it PC stands for Personal Computer – even Google agrees.

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