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  • 5 Signs You Don’t Need a PC Anymore

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    3. You’re a social media addict

    Maybe you do spend a lot of your free time in, with your PC, but almost all of it is spent on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like. Well, all of these have mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that typically provide a better experience, and allow you to unchain yourself from that desk. There’s really no need for a PC if all you do on it is like, share, pin, watch youtube videos, look at funny pictures, and chat with friends.

    Plus more and more web sites are becoming responsive and therefore mobile friendly, so when you need to look something up, you’ll be fine.

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    1. -=Geo=-

      24 August, 2014 at 11:48 am

      Don’t you mean “Desktop”? Laptop/Notefooks are really PC’s too. As I know it PC stands for Personal Computer – even Google agrees.

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