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  • 5 Signs You Don’t Need a PC Anymore

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    5. You’ve been without a PC for a while

    Perhaps your PC died and you haven’t replaced it for a while, or you’ve never even had one! For a lot of people these days their first gateway into the digital world is a mobile device. Chances are you’ve never felt a particular need for a PC, especially if you have a tablet. In that case chances are even better you never will.

    As a matter of fact not only are tablets already quite capable of handling most of the everyday tasks in the digital world, but they are getting more and more powerful all the time.

    Some vendors even push their tablet devices as complete PC replacements even for professional work. They allow you to connect or attach a keyboard or a mouse device when you need to have that, or offer hybrid devices that are essentially full blown PCs in tablet form, like the many Windows 8 devices you may have seen.

    The trend is clear. Tablets are chipping away at the need for a standard PC. So if you’ve been quite fine without one for a while you’ll likely feel even less need for it in the near future.

    So while PCs aren’t exactly dead, they are becoming more and more marginalized to certain professions and niches. It is then a good idea to rethink where you stand as you just might find yourself fit to simplify your digital life, and potentially save some money in the process, especially if your default idea thus far was to have all three of the major form factors; a PC, a tablet, and a smartphone. You just might be perfectly happy with only the latter two.

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    1. -=Geo=-

      24 August, 2014 at 11:48 am

      Don’t you mean “Desktop”? Laptop/Notefooks are really PC’s too. As I know it PC stands for Personal Computer – even Google agrees.

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