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    FCAPS is an ITU standard model for enterprise management.

    The five FCAPS domains are:

    • Fault Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Accounting Management
    • Performance Management
    • Security Management

    Fault Management

    Fault management is the domain where network problems are discovered and corrected. Steps are then taken to prevent them from occurring or recurring. By doing so, the network remains operational and downtime is minimized.

    Configuration Management

    Configuration management is where daily operations are monitored and controlled. All hardware and programming changes are coordinated. In addition, new programs, new equipment, modification of existing systems and the removal of obsolete systems and programs are also coordinated.

    Accounting Management

    Accounting management is devoted to determining how to optimally distribute resources among enterprise subscribers. This helps to minimize the cost of operations by making the most effective use of the systems available. This level is also responsible for ensuring the appropriate billing of users.

    Performance Management

    Performance management is involved in managing the overall performance of the enterprise network. Potential problems are identified, throughput is maximized and bottlenecks are identified. Improvements that will yield the greatest enhancement to overall performance are identified.

    Security Management

    Security management is responsible for protecting the network from unauthorized users and physical and electronic sabotage. Security management is responsible for user authentication and authorization. It also maintains the confidentiality of user information.

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