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    The Data Link Layer is layer two of the OSI model. It resides above the Physical Layer and below the Network Layer. The Data Link Layer is responsible for communications between adjacent network nodes. Hubs and switches operate at the Data Link Layer. The Data Link Layer is logically divided into two sub-layers: The Media Access Control (MAC) Sub-layer and the Logical Link Control (LLC) Sub-layer.

    Media Access Control Sub-layer

    The MAC Sub-layer is responsible for addressing on the Local Area Network.

    It also determines when nodes on a Local Area Network are allowed to transmit. In Ethernet, this is accomplished with the CSMA/CD protocol.

    Logical Link Sub-layer

    The LLC Sub-layer is responsible for synchronizing frames, error checking, and flow control.

    Data Link Layer Standards

    Standards that operate at the Data Link Layer include: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Frame Relay, ATM, and PPP.

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