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  • 5 Gadgets For Parents That Will Help You Stay Focused On The Workplace

    Gadgets For Parents

    2. When Mommy Met Mammary

    Love, marriage, baby carriage, bustier? The legacy isn’t as illogical as you think if you’re a modern family requiring two paychecks to underwrite the lifestyle you crave. Once your maternity leave ends, take advantage of a clever way to save time while breast pumping by using the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier to empty both breasts at the same time. This no-nonsense bustier doesn’t meet Victoria’s Secret aesthetics standards, but it’s a treasured secret weapon for women who really need to get to a staff meeting that’s already up and running. The debut of the Simple Wishes bustier was greeted with enthusiasm by moms on the Motherhood.com website. For these professional women, time is money, so this product was an instant hit. But don’t expect frivolity with this practical undergarment: it comes in pink. Period. This no-nonsense, mommy-pleasing product is the ultimate in efficiency and costs less than a reasonably priced business lunch (just $35). Slip it over your nursing bra, hook yourself up and put the finishing touches on your presentation without losing a minute’s worth of productivity. Done and done.

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