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  • 5 Gadgets For Parents That Will Help You Stay Focused On The Workplace


    5. Ringya

    One of the best assurances a parent can have when away from children for long periods of time is knowing that there’s a way to communicate at the speed of light with the people in your child’s circle. Whether your teen has disappeared and you need to check with his friends to find him, or it’s imperative that you notify your daughter’s softball team that evening practice is cancelled, Ringya can do the job on the fly. Forget spaghetti-stained paper lists and ‘fridge posts. You centralize all of your child’s lists by snapping photos of them so all of the phone numbers wind up on Ringya app, sorted by the appropriate social circle. Need to contact from 10 or 100 people in an instant? Use rings@ringya.com as your surrogate to cover ground without leaving your office. By the way, there’s no fee associated with maintaining these lists, though it’s incumbent upon you to update them as your child’s social circle expands.

    Word to the Wise

    Owning and mastering technology as a way to monitor family activity in your absence can save your sanity, improve your productivity and show superiors that you take your gig seriously, but owning all of these dandy little helpers won’t matter one bit if you suck up too much time on the job master-minding life at home. Whether you’re an unapologetic helicopter parent whose legendary hovering embarrasses young’uns or you’re the cool dad who keeps anxiety about “what could happen” in check, don’t risk your job being overly zealous. Take a tip from Danyelle Little writing for Thinkpositive.com: Know your company’s policy and tolerance for tackling on-the-job personal matters. Spend too much time playing Judge Judy while mediating domestic crises and you could be subject to extra scrutiny. It’s hard enough to master the schizophrenic role of perfect parent and stellar employee. Don’t compromise your great lifestyle by pushing your luck.

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