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  • 5 Gadgets For Parents That Will Help You Stay Focused On The Workplace


    4. This Bird Won’t Fly

    If your home security system does nothing more than keep you in the loop about when the kids come home from school—or apprise you of the boyfriend sliding in with your unsupervised teen daughter—you’re relying upon dated technology. You need a system that runs your life so you can lock the front door behind you and head for the office without worrying each time your phone rings and a kid’s number comes up on your caller ID. The Canary (http://store.canary.is/) does more than sing a happy tune: it works with an iOS app to manage your family’s calendar (tapped from Outlook) while feeding you live video and keeping security features you programmed perpetually updated. At the nexus of this system is Cozi, artificial intelligence that acts like a wedding planner on steroids, only she’s managing your family’s life. The manufacturer responsible for Canary poured over $2 million into its development, so you can oversee your domain from your phone, tablet, laptop or work PC and you won’t lose a minute of real time reporting.

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