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  • 7 Fun Yet Productive Ways to Kill Boredom on The Internet


    1. Play learning games

    There are actually quite a number of web sites on the internet that have turned education into edutainment. There’s another fun word! Edutainment. It’s education and entertainment combined, and gamification of learning is one major form of it.

    Here are a few sites to check out. They can help you learn just about anything.

    Khan Academy

    A well known completely free web site which makes it fun to learn math, science, economics, history, philosophy, art, computer science and programming, and even help you prepare for a test. As you learn you earn badges and energy points to seal that feeling of accomplishment, and motivate you to keep going.


    While it doesn’t appear as much as a game Udemy courses are clean and easy to follow, with a quiz usually at the end. Not all courses are free, but there’s plenty of them that are. A nice alternative to Khan Academy.


    Want to learn a language? DuoLingo.com may be the best way to do so! Pick a language and get started with the basics. As you progress you acquire more and more skills, earn experience points, level up, and as a result earn lingots, a virtual currency on DuoLingo that you can use to buy “power-ups” like “Heart Refill”, for example, which allows you to regain one heart lost during a lesson. Hearts are lost whenever you answer a challenge wrong. It’s incredibly fun and sleek, so much so that I’ve started learning a bit of french even though I haven’t actually intended to beforehand. If you actually did plan on learning a new language, give this a go now!


    This site allows you to learn programming by doing. Similarly to the above sites you get to track your progress, but what’s great about this site is the level to which you can immediately apply the lesson just learned in practice, right within the interface of the course. Another cool thing is that every course is designed in a unique and fun way that makes the whole thing even more engaging. Not all courses are free, but some are, and are great to have some productive fun with!

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