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  • 7 Fun Yet Productive Ways to Kill Boredom on The Internet


    6. Meditate or just relax at Calm.com

    Calm.com is¬†absolutely beautiful, and extremely simple. Just going to it opens up a nice animated background imagery and starts playing calming meditative music. Move your mouse and the controls open. Hovering over the first button, “Guided Calm”, you’re offered a choice of length for your meditation in minutes. Click one, relax, and just listen to what the lady is telling you, and follow her instructions.

    It’s the easiest way to try meditation I’ve seen, and the benefits of meditation are well known, and they include an improved sense of calm and clarity. After trying this you just might feel refreshed, inspired, and eager to tackle some new challenge.

    Another nice site that can help you meditate, among other things like noise blocking or sound therapy, is myNoise.net. It allows you to pick and adjust among many various different types of sounds that can have a particular effect on your current mental state.

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