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  • 7 Fun Yet Productive Ways to Kill Boredom on The Internet


    7. Write a todo list for the day at NowDoThis.com

    While making todo lists might not sound like much fun NowDoThis.com┬ámakes it so simple that it just might make this otherwise boring activity less boring, and possibly even fun. It allows you to write a simple list of things to do, one item per line, and when you press the Ready button it displays the first item on the list in big letters, a “Done” button, and an “Edit list” link. And that’s all!

    What can make this fun and motivating, and what makes it so for me, is probably the fact that it hides all of the other items on the list and displays just this one. That makes it seem less overwhelming and reduces the tendency to procrastinate. Plus you just can’t wait to press that “Done” button and see what’s next! It’s the simplicity of it that makes managing todo lists, and going through them, kind of fun. Of course, the to do list can consist of fun things to do, including perhaps trying some of the things recommended in this article.

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