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  • Top 10 Things to Look for When Buying a Smartphone

    Android storage

    2. Storage capacity

    It is easy to neglect the issue of storage space when buying a new phone depending on what you consider to be “a lot”. To some people 2 GB of internal storage seems like plenty, but then they start using it and find themselves having to triage what to keep and what to delete because they’re running out of space. And if it’s a phone without an SD card slot, or these 2 GB is internal phone memory, they typically can’t do anything about it except to buy a new phone.

    There’s also one easy to miss issue with some phones, and that’s that they advertise a large amount of included storage space that actually refers to the built in SD card, not the actual phone memory where apps are installed. So you could see a phone advertised as coming with 32GB of storage, but its actual phone memory could be less than a gigabyte. This will easily get cramped when you start filling it up with apps, and the 32GB of SD card storage is mainly useful for data files like music, movies, and so on, not for apps.

    It’s true that Android devices have an option that allows you to move an app to the SD card, but be aware that they still keep a piece of the app on phone memory, and that not every app actually supports this option. So in cases of very limited internal phone memory this actually wont be of much help.

    So look for a phone that has as much internal storage or phone memory as possible, not just that it comes with a sizeable SD card. And as for SD cards, it’s a good idea if there is an SD card slot where you can put an SD card with more space in case you run out of the existing one. The ideal is to buy a phone with enough internal and SD card storage that you wont have to worry about it at all ever.

    This is especially relevant if you’re buying on a budget, because cheaper phones are more likely to cheapskate on internal storage.

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