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  • Top 10 Things to Look for When Buying a Smartphone

    Nokia smartphone back

    3. Build quality

    In a nutshell you don’t want a phone which breaks the first time you accidentally drop it. It has to be at least that sturdy and resistant. This will depend a lot on how much you can spend, but even in the same price range the build quality of phones can vary significantly. It all depends on how the manufacturer decides to save on costs. Some phones can boast an awesome screen resolution and a pretty good processor, but then put it all in a cheap plastic case with easy to break glass while others may provide sturdy build, and balance that out by saving on other features.

    Build quality is one of the things you should probably avoid being cheap about because what use is a phone when it breaks and you have to spend money to fix it later on? If your phone has a superb screen resolution but you end up with a crack or scratches on the screen it wont matter much that the screen resolution is great.

    It’s hard to really ascertain the build quality of a smartphone without both feeling it in your hand for a bit and reading reviews. At the very least read reviews and make sure they talk about build quality. If they’ve done some tests even better!

    It’s worth noting that while luxury materials like metals are probably the best bet, plastic is perfectly fine depending on what kind of plastic it is, because their quality and strength does vary. As for glass anything that says Gorilla Glass or equivalent is gonna be a safe bet. Otherwise check the reviews.

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