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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive


    10. IFTTT

    Unlike other things in this list this one is completely free, and even without any of the other items it can still help automate your life to a significant degree. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, which spells out it’s whole purpose. In other words “if this happens than that should happen”, and what this and that will be is up to you. For example, you can set it up so that if it’s raining in your location you get a text message with a joke to cheer you up. These instructions are called recipes, and that example is an actual recipe on IFTTT right now, and you can create your own too.

    There is a humongous amount of possibilities with IFTTT when it comes to combining different web sites and services with each other through these kinds of triggers. If something happens on one web site do this on another, or send a text message, or call your phone, or send an Android notification, or send an email, or download something to your Dropbox.

    With connected devices such as those we list here it is clear how IFTTT could be powerful. You can literally make your home’s electronics, lights, thermostats, switches and so on react to things that happen online, like on Facebook. Or vice versa you can make something happen on your online accounts, or on your phone every time something is detected by a smart device in your home. As already mentioned IFTTT is supported by WeMo, but it is also supported by Nest, Smart Things, and Wink. It is also supported by Android and iOS functions and by various smart wearable devices.

    All Together Now

    We can’t help but paint this picture. What do you get when you combine all of the above, not to mention a lot more of what the above works with? You get a home that is so smart you might at times feel like it came alive. It watches what happens inside, makes sure the air is fresh, the temperature just right, your energy bills as low as possible, and the mood to your liking. It tells you when something’s not right, or responds when you tell it to make something just so, or wave your finger around to make your wish come true.

    It greets people at the door, let’s you know who is it, and unlocks the doors to those whom are allowed. When the sun is shining it cools off, and when the dark is falling it lights up the yard. It knows where you are and knows what you like to be greeted with when you come home.

    It is also always online, and always available to you wherever you are and whatever happens in your digital life.

    The coolest thing about this science fiction made true is that this home wasn’t built like this yet to make it this smart didn’t require any type of complex adaptation. Plug in a few switches, replace a few bulbs, place a few sensors, install some apps, connect, and you’re pretty much done.

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