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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive


    3. Nest Smart Thermostat

    Nest is a super smart thermostat, and we say super-smart because it doesn’t just help you to set the optimal temperature from the thermostat itself or remotely from the Nest app, but it actually learns. As you use it like you would a normal thermostat it learns your habits and adapts. Then it can automatically turn down the temperature at night or when you’re away, and it can suggest how you can save energy.

    The savings on the power bill are the biggest benefit of Nest, as it will prevent the waste that would otherwise occur when you forget to turn it down when not needed or keep the temperature perhaps a bit too high unaware of just how much it might be costing you.

    Nest also offers the Nest Protect alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide that gives you a heads up when it detects smoke and allows you to easily hush it when it got your attention, so it doesn’t get annoying. Multiple Nest Protect alarms can speak in one voice at the same time and inform you where exactly the smoke was detected. If you also have the Nest thermostat the alarm will automatically shut off the gas heating when detecting smoke or carbon monoxide in case that might be the source.

    Nest was recently acquired by Google which has then launched a “Works With Nest” program to allow developers to develop various new applications for it, which could basically turn it into a kind of home automation hub. In combination with a smart car it can turn up the temperature when the car tells it you’re on your way home, for example. With LiFX integration Nest Protect can flash the LiFX lights red when smoke is detected. And so on.

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