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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive


    7. Smart Things

    If you buy multiple different home automation devices from different manufacturers you might be wondering if you could make them seamlessly work together, communicating with each other, and giving you easy control of them all. Well, you can. That’s what Smart Things is about. It basically creates a growing ecosystem of home automation gadgets all of which can be combined to your hearts content through the Smart Things app to create the smart home system that fits your desires.

    The Smart Things app is free, but you will likely need to get the accompanying Smart Things Hub to talk to all of the other supported devices. After that it will connect to the devices and allow you to control them and add various automation tasks to them. At that point there are many possibilities, and the Smart Things web site gives you a neat presentation of some of them. How much you can do and how deeply intelligent you can make your home seem will ultimately depend on your imagination and budget for all the connected devices you might want.

    Another solution in the same vein as Smart Things is Wink, offering both a free app and a hub. Even without the app it supports some devices, but with the hub it ensures the widest array of supported devices.

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