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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive

    Chui doorbell

    5. Chui Smart Doorbell

    Chui is a doorbell with a smart camera inside. Once you mount it at your home’s entrance, and someone visits and rings the bell, you can see who’s there right on your phone and have a two-way audio or one way video conversation with them. If you’re not home you get email notifications about who was at the door including the time, photo, and the name of the person if it was recognized.

    Indeed it features facial recognition as well, meaning that a visitor might not even have to ring the bell for you to know they’re at the door, if you let it notify you the moment it sees a familiar face. The doorbell can also be triggered when motion is detected.

    With these features Chui basically also doubles as a security monitoring device because you get to be notified of whoever visits wherever you are, and it basically acts as a security camera. Its makers also promise integration with other popular home automation devices, like Hue. You could then, for example, have Chui tell the smart bulbs in your home to light up when you show up at the door.

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