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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive

    Goji Lock

    6. Goji Smart Lock

    While we’re at the door let’s take a look at the Goji smart lock, which basically replaces the traditional lock with the one that talks to your phone, and you. When you get at the door it welcomes you and allows you to either unlock the door yourself with a smartphone app or unlocks it automatically when it detects the presence of your phone, and then automatically relocks the door once you’re in.

    With your smartphone you can also control who has access to the lock, and for those without a smartphone (like kids too young to own one) there’s still a backup key that can be used to unlock. You can also control when and for how long a given person has access.

    It also has a camera on it that can take a picture of who’s at the door, similarly to Chui. In fact, Goji is one of the gadgets with which Chui will be able to communicate, which will enable remotely locking and unlocking the doors or automatically allowing access to selected recognized persons.

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