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  • 10 Things That Will Make Your Home So Smart You’ll Think It’s Alive


    8. Ivee

    In a similar vein to Smart Things, but with a more limited scope, Ivee is basically a clock that’s in cahoots with all those other smart gadgets for mostly one particular purpose: to allow you to actually talk to your smart home. It listens for verbal commands that control various supported home automation devices. In other words Ivee is an agent representing the connected devices in your home.

    For example if you’ve got Nest you can simply tell Ivee to increase the temperature and Ivee will relay the message to Nest and make it so. If you’ve got WeMo you can tell it to shut off the TV in the living room, if it hasn’t done so already by itself. If you’ve got Hue you can tell it to dim the lights a bit or set them to a particular preset.

    Ivee works with Smart Things and considering how many devices Smart Things works with you can probably bet that Ivee could basically allow you to have total control over your home with voice commands. If you happened to watch any bit of Star Trek.. well, I probably don’t need to go on. They talk to the ship. With all this stuff you can pretty much talk to your home the same way.

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