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    • How to Maintain Active Directory

      How to Maintain Active Directory

      Maintaining an Active Directory is a very important administrative task that one must schedule regularly to ensure that, in case of disaster, you can recover your lost or corrupted data and can repair the active directory database. Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) is the active directory database, which manage all the active directory objects in active

    • What is Mrtstub.exe?

      What is Mrtstub.exe?

      Mrtstub.exe (Mrt.exe) is a process that runs on all Windows Operating System versions. It is a malicious software that downloads and installs other malicious software. Mrtstub.exe can almost always be found directly on the computer’s primary hard drive, can hide itself in a randomly named folder, and does not have a visible window. If the

    • MSN Error Code 80040154

      MSN Error Code 80040154

      MSN Messenger (now called Windows Live Messenger) is the Microsoft instant messaging program that is deployed with all versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). The application is also installed on the Xbox 360, the Blackberry OS, the Zune HD, and the Symbian OS 9.x. The program connects the user to the Microsoft .NET

    • afd.sys


      Afd.sys (Windows Ancillary Function Driver) is a driver for Winsock, which is a program necessary to connect the computer to the Internet. It runs when the computer is booted and is responsible for all Internet connections on the computer, including wireless, LAN, browser, and third-party application connections. Afd.sys is a critical part of the Windows

    • How to Disable Windows 10 Window Animations?

      With every new Windows version Microsoft introduces more and more animations to the operating system. It does it for a couple of reasons, but mainly it is to make it appear smoother and more appealing to new and old users… More experienced users will mostly dislike these animations, but apart from disliking them, these animations

    • Error Performing In-page Operation

      Error Performing In-page Operation

      Windows NT, Me, and Windows XP’s Pre Service Pack 2 users sometimes experience the “Error Performing In-page Operation” error when attempting to copy files from a disk. If a user experiences this error while trying to access a disk that  he/she inserted into the computer’s floppy, CD, or DVD drive, the error is likely related

    • How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      If you have just purchased Microsoft Office, you will be required to activate this product directly with Microsoft. Microsoft product activation is set up as an anti piracy feature. This feature is created in order to verify that your Microsoft Office suite is not a fake copy and is legitimately licensed to you as the

    • How to Uninstall Vista

      How to Uninstall Vista

      Although Vista is the most recent and technologically advanced operating system available from Microsoft, many users still consider Windows XP or other operating systems more stable. One of the reasons that many end users who have Windows Vista loaded onto their computer want to uninstall it is that many computers just are not powerful enough

    • TCP/IP


      Understanding the Function of Protocols Protocols are rules, standards and procedures that enable information to be communicated in the network environment. The rules and standards that control the way in which computers communicate are referred to as protocols. A few relevant factors to consider when discussing protocols and the network environment are: There are numerous

    • How to Restore Active Desktop

      How to Restore Active Desktop

      Active Desktop was a feature included in Windows Operating Systems from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. It allowed users to insert HTML data directly into his/her desktop so that applications could be viewed and accessed without visiting a webpage. While Microsoft did not continue this feature in Windows 7, a technology called “desktop widgets” that

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