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    • Integrating the DNS Server with DHCP and WINS

      Integrating the DNS Server with DHCP and WINS

      Configuring DNS Server and DHCP Integration Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 clients can dynamically update their own resource records in Windows Server 2003 DNS. DHCP can also be used to configure down-level clients as DHCP clients. To enable the DHCP server to dynamically update clients; Click Start, Administrative Tools, and then click

    • 0x000000f4


      What is Error Code 0x000000f4? Error code 0x000000f4 occurs when a computer process, program, or critical program thread unexpectedly terminates and the computer’s Operating System can no longer function on the Microsoft Windows OS. Error code 0x000000f4 is also known as the Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This error occurs more frequently on Windows

    • Windows 10: How to Hide or Show Tray (Taskbar) Icons?

      Windows 10: How to Hide or Show Tray (Taskbar) Icons?

      With Windows 10, Microsoft decided to change the way of customizing the system tray. In Windows 7, Windows 8 or earlier versions you could customize tray icons directly from systray by hiding them or moving them away, but now, these options are in a different placeā€¦ Steps, guidelines and screenshots in this article are from

    • How to Print the Windows Task Manager

      How to Print the Windows Task Manager

      Task Manager is a small application that usually comes standard with MS Window operating systems such as XP and Vista. The program can give you current information regarding many aspects of your computer including computer performance, processes, network activity, applications currently running, logged in users, and system services. The Task Manager can also help terminate

    • Understanding NetBIOS Name Resolution

      Understanding NetBIOS Name Resolution

      NetBIOS, broadcasts names to listening nodes on the network. NetBIOS utilizes a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) query to broadcast names. NetBIOS names identified computers on the network before the introduction of Windows 2000. The NetBIOS name is resolved to an IP address through Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), broadcasting, or the LMHOSTS file. If the

    • Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer

      Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer

      With the increasing online attacks and web hacking incidents, it is very important for all web browsers to provide comprehensive and integrated security features. These security features will help the users to be safe and secure while browsing the Internet. Microsoft injects new security components and features with every release of their flagship browser, Internet

    • DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server and DNS Server Roles Overview Before DNS, HOSTS files were used to resolve host names to IP addresses. The HOSTS files were manually maintained by administrators. The HOSTS file was located on a centrally administered server on the Internet. Because of the shortcomings of the HOSTS files, DNS was designed and introduced. From

    • Understanding Server Roles

      Understanding Server Roles

      A network or network infrastructure is the grouping of hardware devices and software components needed to connect devices within an organization and to connect the organization to other organizations and the Internet. The network infrastructure’s physical hardware and logical components are needed to provide a number of features for the network, including connectivity, routing and

    • Troubleshooting ISA Server

      Troubleshooting ISA Server

      Tools for Troubleshooting ISA Server There are a variety of tools that you can use to troubleshoot ISA Server. The type of issue would determine which of the tools(s) listed here you need to use: ISA Server Reports tool: You can use the reporting feature included with ISA Server to obtain and view information on

    • How to Make a Schedule in Excel

      How to Make a Schedule in Excel

      Microsoft Excel is commonly used to make a chart or spreadsheet, calculate formulas, generate time sheets or calendars, and make agendas. Many people do not realize that Excel is also great for keeping organized. One can use Excel to make a work schedule for employees or a personal schedule to keep one’s self on track.

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