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    • How to Solve “Cannot Copy the Path is Too Deep” with My USB Drive

      How to Solve “Cannot Copy the Path is Too Deep” with My USB Drive

      If the error “Cannot Copy the Path is Too Deep” is displayed while a USB drive is being used, it is possible that there is a problem accessing the data on the drive. This is not an uncommon problem and it occurs especially when a USB storage device is used on different computers. A well

    • How to Make Desktop Icons

      How to Make Desktop Icons

      Desktop Icons are some of the necessary files that are required to spice up and personalize folders, shortcuts and programs on your computer.  There are many options available to produce icons from multiple sources including photos, graphics and can even be made from scratch with drawing tools.  There are several free desktop icon makers available

    • How to Add a User to Windows

      How to Add a User to Windows

      The Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) is one of the most popular OSs in the world. Although the company releases a new OS every three to four years (sometimes a bit faster), there are a number of common tasks that extend across software versions; albeit, the specific steps required to accomplish the task may differ

    • Shared Folder Permissions

      Shared Folder Permissions

      Shared folder permissions are used to restrict access to a folder or file that is shared over a network. Folder sharing is normally used to grant remote users access to files and folders over a network. Web sharing grants remote users access to files from the Web if Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed. Members

    • Deploying Service Packs and Hotfixes

      Deploying Service Packs and Hotfixes

      What are Service Packs and Hotfixes Service packs and hotfixes are network updates that need to be applied to network computers. Hotfixes are also sometimes referred to as security hotfixes or security fixes. Before delving into the differences between service packs, and hotfixes; you can think of a service pack as being a collection of

    • Configuring DHCP

      Configuring DHCP

      Configuring the DHCP Server Environment The primary steps required for configuring and managing your DHCP server environment are: Install the DHCP service on a server. Authorize the DHCP server in Active Directory. Configure the necessary DHCP scopes for your subnets. Configure superscopes and multicast scopes. Configure the DHCP lease duration. Configure the DHCP options. Configure

    • How to Create a Windows Vista Boot Disk

      How to Create a Windows Vista Boot Disk

      In order to create a Windows Vista boot disk, the Windows Vista operating system’s ISO file must be located and downloaded. Microsoft, Dell, and several other computer manufacturers have this file as a downloadable version of the operating system disk, and allows users to create their own disk without having to wait for a physical

    • Error 734

      Error 734

      Error 734 is a Point-to-Point Protocol error, usually associated with workstation connectivity to a internet provider or wide area network connection. The exact error message is "Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated.". Source of the problem Error 734 is usually produced due to an error in authentication. Generally the username or password

    • Resolving ntdll.dll Errors

      Resolving ntdll.dll Errors

      The ntdll.dll file is a Microsoft dynamic link library file that contains the NT kernel functions for a computer running the Windows Operating System (OS). The file is normally found in the windowssystem32 or the winntsystem32 directories. Windows computer users may come across the “Unknown Hard Drive Ntdll.dll Error” message. A corrupted or damaged ntdll.dll

    • How to Make a Line Graph in Microsoft Word

      How to Make a Line Graph in Microsoft Word

      Many people assume that Microsoft Word is only for text and Microsoft Excel is for data and graphs. Surprisingly, Microsoft Word can actually be used to create line graphs. It is helpful when putting a presentation or data analysis together to include a line graph along with text. Line graphs are very useful if one

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