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  • What Are Ceramic Briquettes?

    Ceramic briquettes are special accessories for gas grills that help consume less fuel. These briquettes come in various styles and can help to give the classic grilling to meats and other dishes that are prepared over the grill. The ceramic briquettes also help to distribute the heat more evenly and this is effective in producing heat for the grilling grid or griddle. This can help to save fuel by reducing the amount of heat energy required to evenly heat the grid or griddle.

    Who Needs Ceramic Briquettes?

    The matter of who needs ceramic briquettes is simply up to the user. They make an excellent replacement for lava rocks which are not able to evenly distribute the heat as well as the ceramic briquettes. The design is beneficial to help cook meats without the harsh burning which could occur from direct flames touching the meat. Claims of better tasting meat on the grill with the use of ceramic briquettes are often reported.

    What are the Benefits of Ceramic Briquettes?

    The design of the ceramic briquettes offers several benefits. Saving money is the main benefit while the claims of better tasting meats without the harmful smoked in flavors. The best benefit of the ceramic briquettes is that they are easy to install and make a large difference in how the meat is cooked for those who use them right. Since the ceramic briquettes absorb so much heat quickly the gas can be turned off for some time as the heat emanates from the briquettes to cook the meats, potatoes or other foods that are best suited for the grill grid or griddle.Ceramic Briquettes

    The Available Ceramic Briquette Styles

    Since the ceramic briquettes are not difficult to produce, it is only natural that different styles have appeared. There are different options such as pyramids, old fashioned rounded briquettes and even special options to let the juices and drippings flow through for easy cleaning. Since ceramic briquettes are usually smooth, they often offer the ease of cleaning by turning them over and allowing the excess oils and drippings burn off with the next heating cycle. The easy part is using them as nearly all ceramic briquettes work the same way.

    Specialty Flavored Ceramic Briquettes

    Ceramic briquettes are now advanced enough to offer real smoked flavoring to meat and other foods cooked on a gas grill. This is possible because the briquettes are made with real hardwoods which activate once heated to a certain temperature. The flavors will range from different types of wood that are ideal to use in traditional grills instead of briquettes.

    These are some of the flavors that are achievable through ceramic briquettes:

    Hickory – this is a classic smoking wood that is dense and burns slowly with a wonderful aromatic smoke. It is great for any meat combination.

    Mesquite – a Texas and Southwestern favorite, mesquite is known as iron popping wood which burns fast and gives a unique smoke flavor.

    Cherry – The cherry tree wood is perfect for beef and pork. It turns meat a beautiful mahogany color which is often very aesthetically pleasing.

    Peach – A nice wood for specialty meats that is only recommended for expert grillers. It is used for sweet meats more often.

    Apple – Sweet apple tree wood smoke is suitable for any meat type. Very nice flavors are possible with pork and bacon is always a favorite with apple wood.

    Pecan – A member of the hickory family, this adds a wonderful flavor to all meats. It is important not to cook with pecan for too long or it can make the meat bitter.

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