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    • PKI Certificate

      PKI Certificate

      A PKI certificate, which stands for Public Key Infrastructure certificate, allows someone to combine their digital signature with a public key and something that identifies them, an example being their real life name. This certificate is used to allow computer users to show that they do own the public keys they claim to. In other

    • How Do I Get Rid of About Blank?

      How Do I Get Rid of About Blank?

      About: Blank is a homepage hijacker that severely slows down your computer and shows popup advertisements randomly while using one’s Internet browser. While it does not do actual damage to the computer, it does limit what can be done on the computer because, at times, the About: Blank could be using as high as 80%

    • Steganography

      Steganography has gained a significant amount of press over the past several years when the technique hit the press as a possible method that many of the terrorists involved with the 9/11 attacks used to plan the operation. Similar to the use of encryption, steganography techniques have become one of the basic methods that organizations

    • How to Protect Myself from Viruses

      How to Protect Myself from Viruses

      The most common viruses are boot sector infectors. You can help protect yourself against those by write protecting all disks which you do not need write access to. Definitely keep a set of write protected floppy system disks. If you get a virus, it will make things much simpler. And, they are good for coasters.

    • How to Protect Your Computer on the Internet

      How to Protect Your Computer on the Internet

      The Internet is an ever present threat to your computer. Even harmlessly browsing through sites may get your computer affected with a virus or spyware without you even knowing it. As many dangers as there may be out there, you can easily protect yourself by taking a few simple steps. Routers and Firewalls First of

    • Anonymous Proxy

      Anonymous Proxy

      An anonymous proxy is a piece of software that protects web browsers’ privacy and anonymity from web site operators, Internet snoops, and even unfriendly governments. The anonymous proxy software resides on a proxy server. The web browser connects to the proxy server and the proxy server connects to the web server. The web server does

    • Root Certificate Update

      Root Certificate Update

      In most enterprise-level public key infrastructure systems, there is a dependence upon certificate chains to verify the identity of a party. When a Certificate Authority (CA) issues a certificate for any party, the legitimacy of that certificate authority must be verified. This is usually done by a higher certificate authority. This higher authority is part

    • Malware


      Malware is a generic term for bad software. The word malware comes from the words malicious and software. Malware (Malicious Software) is software conceived to gain access to a computer without the end user’s knowledge or permission. Malware in general, pertains to a wide range of malicious software that includes computer viruses, Trojan horses, fraudulent

    • Technologies That Can Help Protect Your Privacy

      Technologies That Can Help Protect Your Privacy

      In a previous article on privacy we’ve established what it is, how does digitally networking our world affect it, and in a nutshell, why should we care. We established that the best way to ensure your privacy is through technological means, and in this article I offer an overview of what such technologies are. What

    • What is a Strong Password?

      What is a Strong Password?

      Passwords today are becoming increasingly important. They may open something as trivial as a special file to something as important as an online back account. Therefore, it is imperative that you have strong passwords to ensure security. Strong passwords are always lengthy. Usually a length of 14-16 characters is ideal and hard to guess. Strong

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