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  • 10 Ways a “Dumb” Phone is Better Than a Smartphone

    When we shop for a mobile phone these days most of us will probably look for a smartphone with a big shiny touch screen, and a bazillion apps ready to go from the app store. Carriers and mobile shops as well as the tech media are certainly helping this trend. Everybody talks about smartphones and everybody is trying to sell them, often as part of a relatively expensive two year contract.

    So when we look at those old style small mobile phones with tiny keyboards, small screens, and relatively primitive interfaces they seem downright unfashionable, and indeed, dumb! It’s kind of funny how they’ve retroactively earned that title; dumbphone. You might remember thinking exactly the opposite when you were getting a new one back in the day. “Look at all those features! It’s practically a small computer, and it can even play real MP3 files!”. It seemed kinda.. smart!

    But that’s how technology goes. Rapid advancement makes previously impressive gadgets look so funny in comparison. And yet, even in this day and age there is a lot to be said of the persisting advantages of these dumbphones, or “feature phones”, as they’re also known as. Many of them have to do with the tradeoffs that we have so willingly made and quickly forgotten in our rush towards smartphones.

    So here are 10 ways in which a simple cheap dumbphone can sometimes be a smarter choice than a smartphone.

    Battery low

    1. Battery Life

    Remember the time your phone battery lasted for more than a day, sometimes almost an entire week? Then you bought a smartphone and had to learn a habit of charging your phone pretty much every night.

    This is probably the biggest advantage of a dumbphone. Compared to smartphones it seems to last forever! You can forget to charge it before you go off on a day trip and still have a great chance of it surviving all the way through.

    This isn’t because their batteries are so much better because they’re not. It’s simply down to the fact that they spend far less energy. The small screen is incredibly power efficient, and they don’t have powerful processors running fancy apps to drain their battery juice. So they can do much less than a typical smartphone, but you’ve got a phone that is useful as a phone for much longer on a single charge.

    Photo by Martin Abegglen. Some Rights Reserved.

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    • mliblover

      Nice article. Seems like today’s “smart-phones” do everything but work reliably as a phone.

      • Bram vandenbroeck

        You are so right!!

    • Murray Snudge

      The last point is good and to add to that, you should carry both phones but only use the dumb phone when nobody is looking. It’s all about street cred and being seen with the latest top-of-the-range phone which gains you respect. People will look up to you for you owning it even if the battery is dead. The guy with the latest phone will get better looking girls; be promoted at work and generally do better in life. Image is everything in this fast-moving, materialistic, money-mad world.

    • Guest


    • Linda

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    • i use a consumer cell flip phone as my backup. no gps no tracking no games no selfies, just a phone, for $15 a month. works great too.

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    • Bram vandenbroeck

      Well, i actually did the last point, and i actually carried my dumb phone and smartphone together, and and the end of the journey, i left my smartphone at home because its giving me less headaches, no messenger, no viber, no whatsapp, no battery life issues . . . Have to say that i own a very special “dumb” phone, i have the Nokia 3220 Disco phone, and you know what?? I get more attention from the girls than a guy with an iphone 7 plus, just because when i receive a phone call or a text message, my phone flashes from the sights in some very fancy colors, and that draws more attention from the beauty’s than a iphone 7 plus, coz i aint a snob that has to have the nicest, biggest phone that i can get, but its makes them understand that i am different and that i like to be noticed . . . And that fact alone is a MAJOR overhaul to the females 😉 so damn you smartphone users, my phone is UNIQUE just like I AM!!

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