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    CNA stands for Customer Name and Address. The CNA number is a phone number for telephone company personnel to call and get the name and address for a phone number. If a telephone lineman finds a phone line he does not recognize, he can use the ANAC Number to find its phone number and then call the CNA operator to see who owns it and where they live.

    Commercial CNA Number Services

    Normal CNA numbers are available only to telephone company personnel. Private citizens may legally get CNA information from private companies. Companies offering this service include:

    Cross-Reference Directories (900)288-3020
    AT&T National Directory Assistance (900)555-1212
    Telename (900)884-1212
    Unidirectory (900)933-3330

    Note that these are 900 numbers, and will cost you approximately one dollar per minute.

    Free Web-Based CNA Number Searches

    Several companies offer reverse lookup services over the web. A few of these web sites are:CNA number

    I have never had much luck with these web based services. I have had more success searching for the telephone number in Google.

    Social Engineering CNA Numbers

    You can often social engineer CNA information out of telephone company employees or out of employees of other companies with CNA access.

    Here is a sample script that works if your target has ever ordered pizza from Domino's or Pizza Hut:

    Them: Hi, thanks for call, may I take your order please?

    You: Yes, I'd like 4 large pepperoni pizzas.

    Them: May I have your phone number please?


    Them: Is this 238 Ward Road?

    You: Yes ma'am.

    What is the telephone company CNA number for my area?

    NPA CNA Number Geography

    214 (214)744-9500 Southwestern Bell
    214 (214)745-7505 Southwestern Bell
    513 (513)565-2800 Cincinnati Bell Network Operations Center
    NYNEX (518)471-8111 New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

    If you are in 312, 708, or parts of 815, Ameritech has a pay-for-play CNA service called "Ameritech Name Finder Plus" available to the general public. The number is (312)796-9600. The cost is $.35/call and you can look up two numbers per call.

    The legal telephone company CNA for Ontario is 555-1313.

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