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    Telephone switches route calls through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

    When you pick up the handset on your home telephone, you are initiating a connection with your local telephone switch. When you dial a telephone number, your phone switch interprets the digits you dial and determines where to route your call.

    If your call is to another number in the same area, your local end-office switch will make the call itself. If your call is to another area, your local end-office switch will route your call to a toll-switch. That toll switch will then route your call either to another toll switch or to an end-office switch. When your call is finally routed to an end-office switch, the phone line of your called party will ring.

    Telephone switches in use include:

    1AES Lucent Analog No. 1A ESS
    1ES Lucent Analog No. 1 ESS
    2BES Lucent Analog No. 2B ESS
    2ES Lucent Analog No. 2 ESS
    3ES Lucent Analog No. 3 ESS
    3XB Lucent E/M No. 3 Cross-Bar
    4ES Lucent Digital No. 4 ESS
    5AXB Lucent E/M No. 5A Cross-Bar
    5ES Lucent Digital No. 5 ESS
    5ORM Lucent Digital Optical Remote Module
    5RSM Lucent Digital Remote Switching Module
    5XB Lucent E/M No. 5 Cross-Bar
    AXE10 Ericsson Digital Stand Alone or Host
    AXRSS Ericsson Digital Remote
    DGTL Digital Generic Digital Switch
    DMS1/200 Nortel Digital DMS 100/200 Local Switching System
    DMS10 Nortel Digital DMS 10 Carrier Class Switching System
    DMS100 Nortel Digital DMS 100 Local Switching System
    DMS200 Nortel Digital DMS 200 Local Switching System
    DMS250 Nortel Digital DMS 250 Long Distance Tandem Switching System
    DMS500 Nortel Digital DMS 500 Local and Long Distance Switching System
    DPN Nortel Packet DPN Packet Switch
    EDX Siemens Packet Packet Switch
    NC23 NEC E/M NEC Cross-Bar
    NEAX61E NEC Digital NEC switch
    RLCM Nortel Digital Rmote Line Conc Module
    RLCM-10 Nortel Digital Remote Line Conc Module
    RLM Nortel Digital Remote Line Module
    RSC Nortel Digital Remote Switching Center
    RSCI Nortel Digital ISDN RSC
    RSLE Nortel Digital Remote Subscriber Line Equipment
    RSM Lucent Digital Remote Switching System
    RSS Lucent Analog Remote Switching System
    RSU Digital Generic Remote Switching Unit
    SXS Lucent E/M Step by Step

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