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    Predictive dialer software is designed to automatically dial the correct number of telephone calls to match the pattern of available call center personnel.

    Without predictive dialing software, an outbound call center will have to wait between phone calls until another person answers the phone. This can be quite expensive in terms of lost productivity. With a predictive dialer, a new phone call should be available as soon as the call center agent hangs up with the last phone call.

    Predictive dialer software accomplishes this by forecasting how many telephone calls need to be placed. If the predictive dialer software does not place enough calls, the agents will sit idle waiting for a call. If the predictive dialer software places too many calls, no agent will be available to speak with the person who answers the phone. If you have ever received a telephone call and heard a recorded message that said something like “Please hold the line for the next available agent”, you have experienced a predictive dialer failure.

    Predictive Dialer Software

    Commercial predictive dialer software is available from vendors such as Aspect, SunDialer, CallFire, and Nortel.

    Some open source software contributors provide free predictive dialer software. Some of these packages are:


    GnuDialer is an open source predictive dialer. GnuDialer currently supports inbound/outbound, Open/closer, and Auto dialing modes. GnuDialer is written in multi-process object oriented C++ and is very modular. GnuDialer was built using Asterisk, MySQL, and runs on GNU/Linux.

    Shady Dial

    Shady Dial is a lightweight predictive dialer for the Asterisk telephony system. Shady Dial consists of modifications to the C code core of Asterisk, as well as control code written in Tcl.

    Newflies Dialer

    Assembled entirely from free and open source components including Freeswitch, Django, Plivo, Celery and RabbitMQ, Newfies-Dialer is scalable from a single server to supporting distributed call processing across multiple cloud based telephony servers with millions of outbound calls per day. It features a multi-user web interface which allows every aspect of the campaign to be controlled with detailed reporting.


    GoAutoDial is an open source web based predictive dialer system based on CentOS, and built to be a full call center suite system that just works. It automatically installs Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, VtigerCRM and other open source dialer components to have a fully functional system.


    A full featured GPL-licensed dialer which supports Manual, Power and Predictive dialing out of the box, and can be easily installed through one of the provided .iso images.


    A complete call-center suite designed to work with Asterisk Open Source PBX Phone system, and supports outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing.


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