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    A ringback number is a number that you call that will immediately ring the telephone from which it was called.

    In most instances you must call the ringback number, quickly hang up the phone for just a short moment and then let up on the switch, you will then go back off hook and hear a different tone. You may then hang up. You will be called back seconds later. On some systems, you will have to press a button or flash hook again before the final hang up.

    Ringback Number Lists

    An 'x' in this list of ringback numbers means that you must insert those numbers from the phone number from which you are calling.

    A '?' in this list means that the number varies from switch to switch in the area, or changes from time to time. Try all possible combinations.

    If the ringback number for your NPA is not listed, try common ones such as 114, 951-xxx-xxxx, 954, 957 and 958. Also, try using the ringback numbers listed for other NPA's served by your telephone company.

    Note: These geographic areas are for reference purposes only. Ringback numbers may vary from switch to switch within the same city.

    Ringback Numbers in the United States

    NPA Ringback number Approximate Geographic area

    201 55?-xxxx Hackensack, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, NJ
    202 958-xxxx District of Columbia
    203 99?-xxxx CT
    206 571-xxxx WA
    207 981-xxxx ME
    208 59X-xxxx ID
    208 99xxx-xxxx ID
    210 211-8849-xxxx Brownsville, Laredo, San Antonio, TX (GTE)
    213 xxx-xxxx Los Angeles, CA (GTE 2EAX, DMS100, and GTD-5 witches)
    213 117-xxxx Los Angeles, CA (GTE 5ESS switches)
    213 195-xxxx Los Angeles, CA (GTE 1AESS switches)
    214 971-xxxx Dallas, TX
    215 811-xxxx Philadelphia, PA
    216 551-xxxx Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Lorain, Youngstown, OH
    219 571-xxx-xxxx Gary, Hammond, Michigan City, Southbend, IN
    219 777-xxx-xxxx Gary, Hammond, Michigan City, Southbend, IN
    281 234-xxxx Houston, TX
    301 579-xxxx Hagerstown, Rockville, MD
    301 958-xxxx Hagerstown, Rockville, MD
    303 99x-xxxx Grand Junction, CO
    304 998-xxxx WV
    305 999-xxxx Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Miami, FL
    312 511-xxxx Chicago, IL
    312 511-xxx-xxxx Chicago, IL
    312 57?-xxxx Chicago, IL
    313 116-xxx-xxxx Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit, MI (GTE)
    313 951-xxxx Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit, MI
    315 98x-xxxx Syracuse, Utica, NY
    317 777-xxxx Indianapolis, Kokomo, IN
    317 xxx-xxxx Indianapolis, Kokomo, IN (y=3rd digit of phone number)
    319 79x-xxxx Davenport, Dubuque, Iowa
    334 901-xxxx Montgomery, AL
    401 98?-xxxx RI
    404 450-xxxx Atlanta, GA
    407 988-xxxx Orlando, West Palm Beach, FL
    408 470-xxxx San Jose, CA
    408 580-xxxx San Jose, CA
    412 985-xxxx Pittsburgh, PA
    413 1983-xxxx Pittsfield, Springfield, MA
    414 977-xxxx Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Racine, WI
    414 978-xxxx Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Racine, WI
    415 350-xxxx San Francisco, CA
    417 551-xxxx Joplin, Springfield, MO
    501 221-xxxx Ft. Smith, AR (646 prefix)
    501 221-xxx-xxxx AR
    501 780-xxxx Ft. Smith, AR (452 prefix)
    502 988 Frankfort, Louisville, Paducah, Shelbyville, KY
    503 541-XXXX OR
    504 99x-xxxx Baton Rouge, New Orleans, LA
    504 9988776655 Baton Rouge, New Orleans, LA
    505 59?-xxxx New Mexico
    512 95X-xxxx Austin, TX
    513 951-xxxx Cincinnati, Dayton, OH
    513 955-xxxx Cincinnati, Dayton, OH
    513 99?-xxxx Cincinnati, Dayton, OH (X=0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 or 9)
    515 559-XXXX Des Moines, IA
    516 660-xxxx Hempstead, Long Island, NY
    516 660-xxx-xxxx Hempstead, Long Island, NY
    517 116-xxx-xxxx Bay City, Jackson, Lansing, MI (GTE)
    520 594-xxxx AZ
    601 777-xxxx MS
    603 981-xxxx NH
    609 55?-xxxx Atlantic City, Camden, Trenton, Vineland, NJ
    610 811-xxxx Allentown, Reading, PA
    612 511 Mineapolis, St.Paul, MN
    612 999-xxx-xxxx Minneapolis, St.Paul, MN
    614 998-xxxx Columbus, Steubenville, OH
    615 920-XXXX Chatanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, TN
    615 930-xxxx Chatanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, TN
    616 116-xxx-xxxx Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, MI (GTE)
    616 946-xxxx Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, MI
    619 331-xxxx San Diego, CA
    619 332-xxxx San Diego, CA
    659 981-XXXX Newmarket, NH
    703 511-xxx-xxxx VA
    703 958-xxxx Alexandria, Arlington, Roanoke, VA
    708 511-xxxx Chicago, Elgin, IL
    713 234-xxxx Houston, TX
    714 231-xxxx Los Angeles, CA
    714 330? Anaheim, CA (GTE)
    714 33?-xxxx Anaheim, CA (PacBell)
    716 981-xxxx Rochester, NY (Rochester Tel)
    718 660-xxxx Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, NY
    719 99x-xxxx Colorado Springs, Leadville, Pueblo, CO
    801 938-xxxx Utah
    801 939-xxxx Utah
    802 987-xxxx Vermont
    804 260 Charlottesville, Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond, VA
    805 114 Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, CA
    805 980-xxxx Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, CA
    810 116-xxx-xxxx Pontiac, Southfield, Troy, MI (GTE)
    810 951-xxx-xxxx Pontiac, Southfield, Troy, MI
    813 711 Ft. Meyers, St. Petersburg, Tampa, FL
    817 971 Ft. Worth, Waco, TX (Flashhook, then 2#)
    818 915?-xxxx Pasadena, CA
    832 234-xxxx Houston, TX
    864 999-xxx-xxxx Greenville, Spartanburg, SC
    906 116-xxx-xxxx Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, MI (GTE)
    906 951-xxx-xxxx Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, MI
    908 55?-xxxx New Brunswick, NJ
    908 953 New Brunswick, NJ
    913 951-xxxx Lawrence, Salina, Topeka, KS
    914 660-xxxx-xxxx Peekskill, Poughkeepsie, Wite Plains, Yonkers, NY

    International Ringback Numbers

    204 590-xxx-xxxx Manitoba
    403 999-xxx-xxxx Alberta, Yukon, and N.W. Territories
    416 57x-xxxx Toronto, Ontario
    416 99x-xxxx Toronto, Ontario
    416 999-xxx-xxxx Toronto, Ontario
    506 572+xxx-xxxx New Brunswick
    514 320-xxx-xxxx Montreal, Quebec
    519 999-xxx-xxxx London, Ontario
    604 311-xxx-xxxx British Columbia
    604 871-xxx-xxxx British Columbia
    613 999-xxx-xxxx Ottawa, Ontario
    705 999-xxx-xxxx North Bay, Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario
    819 320-xxx-xxxx Quebec
    902 575-xxx-xxxx Halifax, Nova Scotia
    905 999-xxx-xxxx Hamilton, Mississauga, Niagra Falls, Ontario
      12722 199 Telstra
      12723 12 Optus
    New Zealand:
    United Kingdom:
      174 or 1744 or 175 or 0500-89-0011 or 17070 + 1  
    The Netherlands:
      0196 Amsterdam
      0123456789 Hilversum
      0123456789 Breukelen
      951 Groningen

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    1. SC

      7 April, 2015 at 5:25 am

      Would like to point out that for British Columbia (on Telus network), it is actually simply xxx-xxx-xxxx (own area code+phone number) wait for a beep and hang up. Before 10 digit dialing it was xxx-xxxx (phone number), During the transition dialing your own 7 digit number would get you the reminder to dial the area code for future calls then the call would proceed to a beep and hanging up would get the phone to ring.

    2. Nathaniel

      23 August, 2012 at 10:25 pm

      576-xxxx (where xxxx is the last digits of your phone number) is used in the Austin, MN Area.

    3. CarlB

      30 March, 2011 at 1:07 am

      +1-areacode-999-xxxx appears to be a regular ‘phone exchange in +1-613 (Ottawa – Bell Canada), +1-705 (Barrie – Iristel) and +1-905 (Telus/Clearnet mobile – Pickering/Ajax) according to http://cnac.ca/data/ac705.htm and http://cnac.ca/data/ac905.htm

      I’d suspect that many obscure local test numbers which *used* to work have been scrapped over the last several years and replaced with the semi-standard 958-xxxx (local) and 959-xxxx (long distance) “plant test” exchanges, so as to reclaim entire 10000-block exchange prefixes like 320- or 999- for use as ordinary ‘phone exchanges as available 10000-blocks of unused numbers become increasingly scarce due to inefficient allocation schemes (any small town of a few thousand people may well have a block of 10000 numbers allocated to an incumbent carrier and additional block of 10000 numbers allocated to competitors solely for use in number-porting schemes… a lot of wasted numbers)

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