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    Utorrent is a P2P file sharing software that allows users to share files via torrents. It is completely free and provides users with many different file sharing options, such as the ability to create a torrent or change the number of users who are able to connect to the computer at the same time. Utorrent differs from other P2P programs, such as Limewire and Ares, because users must obtain a torrent from a torrent database (e.g. IsoHunt or PirateBay) and place it within the Utorrent client rather than simply downloading a file directly through the client itself.


    How Utorrent Works

    Utorrent allows users to download and upload torrent data across the Internet. A torrent is a file that contains raw data about a given file or group of files that can be shared across the Internet, and allows multiple users to download pieces of the same file simultaneously. A torrent itself does not contain any actual files and cannot be accessed without a file sharing program, such as Utorrent or BitTorrent. Additionally, files shared via torrents are not located on one computer, but on every computer that the file is currently being downloaded or uploaded on. By downloading a file from many different users at the same time, a user can obtain it much faster.


    What are Ports?

    A port is a communications end-point that allows a specific software, application, or service to identify itself across the Internet. The port number, IP address, or transport protocol identifies specific ports, allowing users from all over the world to quickly find and access a port. Ports often increase an application’s performance by connecting multiple users with similar interests to the same network, allowing them to bypass other Internet protocols that may slow their connection down. While most ports are dynamic and anyone can use them, there is a wide range of popular ports that have been reserved for specific services or applications.


    How to Make Utorrent Faster

    Users increase their Utorrent client’s performance in order to make downloading and uploading files faster. In order to this:

    1) Open the Utorrent client, click on the Options tab, and select Preferences.

    2) Select the Connections tab and enter “45682” into the “Port used for incoming connections” box.

    3) Scroll to the bottom of that same window and enter “65” into the “Global maximum upload rate” box and “0” into the “Global maximum download rate” box under “Bandwidth Limiting.”

    4) Open the Utorrent/BitTorrent tab and enter “1890” into the “Global maximum number of connections” box, “2329” into the “Maximum number of connected peers per torrent” box, and “14” into the “Number of upload slots per torrent” box. Be sure to select every box on this screen and ensure that the Outgoing Protocol Encryption is set to “Enabled.”

    5) Click on the Queueing tab and enter “60” into the box for number of active torrents and “63” into the box for number of active downloads. Ensure that the Seed Ratio is set to 100% and uncheck every box on this screen.

    6) Click Apply on the bottom of the window and restart Utorrent. The program should now be much faster.

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    One comment
    1. ram kishor oddar

      17 July, 2011 at 5:49 pm

      Thanks for the settings described above. This could not increase my downloading speed, however i am now able to seed at much faster rate without compromising on the downloading speed.

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