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    Loops are a pair of phone numbers, usually consecutive, like 836-9998 and 836-9999. They are used by the phone company for testing. What good do loops do us? Well, they are cool in a few ways. Here is a simple use of loops. Each loop has two ends, a 'high' end, and a 'low' end. One end gives a (usually) constant, loud tone when it is called. The other end is silent. Loops don't usually ring either. When BOTH ends are called, the people that called each end can talk through the loop. Some loops are voice filtered and won't pass anything but a constant tone; these aren't much use to you. Here's what you can use working loops for: billing phone calls! First, call the end that gives the loud tone. Then if the operator or someone calls the other end, the tone will go quiet. Act like the phone just rang and you answered it … say "Hello", "Allo", "Chow", "Yo", or what the fuck ever. The operator thinks that she just called you, and that's it! Now the phone bill will go to the loop, and your local RBOC will get the bill! Use this technique in moderation, or the loop may go down. Loops are probably most useful when you want to talk to someone to whom you don't want to give your phone number.

    Excerpted from: ToneLoc v0.99 User Manual by Minor Threat & Mucho MaasLoop

    What is a loop in my area?

    Many (if not most) of these loops are no longer functional. If you are local to any of these loops, please try them out an e-mail me the results of your research.

    NPA High Low Notes

    310 455-0002 455-????  
    310 546-0002 546-????  
    312 262-9902 262-9903 Very odd sound
    313 224-9996 224-9997  
    313 225-9996 225-9997  
    313 237-9996 237-9997  
    313 256-9996 256-9997  
    313 272-9996 272-9997  
    313 273-9996 273-9997  
    313 292-9996 292-9997  
    313 369-9996 369-9997  
    313 388-9996 388-9997  
    313 465-9996 465-9997  
    313 471-9996 471-9997  
    313 556-9996 556-9997  
    313 561-9996 561-9997  
    313 561-9996 561-9996  
    313 569-9996 569-9996  
    313 577-9996 577-9996  
    313 621-9996 621-9997  
    313 722-9996 722-9997  

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