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    • How to Solve “Windows Installer Service Could not be Accessed”

      How to Solve “Windows Installer Service Could not be Accessed”

      Windows Installer is a very important component of all Windows operating systems. It installs, uninstalls, and supports applications and software. If the Windows Installer is corrupted or the service stops for an unknown reason, an error message comes up. The error message typically appears as: “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can

    • Tweak UI

      Tweak UI

      Tweak UI is a free Windows utility that can change how the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) looks and behaves. Tweak UI was first released as a component of PowerToys for Windows 95, but has since been upgraded for use with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP. Installing Tweak UI To begin, first download

    • Remote Administration

      Remote Administration

      Remote Administration Overview When it comes to administering servers and desktops in secure organizations or large organizations, administrators would typically be found performing remote administration. This basically means that administrators would be using the Microsoft Management Console snap-ins or support tools remotely, to administer servers. For instance, through the Microsoft Management Console snap-ins, you have

    • How to Uninstall DirectX

      How to Uninstall DirectX

      When DirectX was first introduced, it was marketed to people involved in the gaming industry. Those who develop all types of graphical computer software currently use it. DirectX is “backward compatible” software, allowing the user to install a newer version of DirectX and still be able to play games created for an older version of

    • How to Uninstall a Program in Windows

      How to Uninstall a Program in Windows

      Uninstalling a program in any version of Windows is a fairly simple process. There are differences between versions, and here you can find a step by step guide for each specific Windows version: How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 8 1) Hover the mouse over the top right corner. In the menu which pops

    • Error Performing In-page Operation

      Error Performing In-page Operation

      Windows NT, Me, and Windows XP’s Pre Service Pack 2 users sometimes experience the “Error Performing In-page Operation” error when attempting to copy files from a disk. If a user experiences this error while trying to access a disk that  he/she inserted into the computer’s floppy, CD, or DVD drive, the error is likely related

    • Monitoring Network Activity

      Monitoring Network Activity

      Monitoring Network Activity with Network Monitor The tool which you can utilize to both monitor and log network activity as it occurs on the network is the Network Monitor. You can use the information obtained from Network Monitor to optimize network traffic as well. Network Monitor stems directly from the Windows NT Network Monitor. Network

    • Configuring DNS Clients

      Configuring DNS Clients

      Configuring DNS Client Settings Configuring DNS client computers typically entail the execution of the following administrative tasks: Setting the client computer names for each computer. The computer names that you configure should not be greater than 63 bytes. The name can only include: Uppercase letters; A – Z Lowercase letters; a – z Numbers; 0

    • How to Read IIS Server Logs

      How to Read IIS Server Logs

      IIS stands for Internet Information Services and it is a type of software that runs on servers using Microsoft Windows. IIS is the second most popular server software right behind Apache servers, which are open source and usually less expensive to run. Servers that run IIS include FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and NNTP. One of

    • Error Code 80072efd

      Error Code 80072efd

      Error code 80072efd often occurs when users try to update Windows Vista through the Windows Update service. Overloaded Microsoft update services or incorrect firewall settings can trigger this error. If the Microsoft server causes the error, it can be corrected within the hour. When this occurs it is typically due to unusually high demand on

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