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    • How to Add a User to Windows

      How to Add a User to Windows

      The Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) is one of the most popular OSs in the world. Although the company releases a new OS every three to four years (sometimes a bit faster), there are a number of common tasks that extend across software versions; albeit, the specific steps required to accomplish the task may differ

    • How to Fix the ORA-12560 TNS Protocol Adapter Error

      How to Fix the ORA-12560 TNS Protocol Adapter Error

      Oracle is a free, open business management software available for both personal and commercial use. Oracle allows users to process credit card payments, handle customer support, and manage customer orders from one location and includes many additional features from third party companies, such as Paypal and Amazon, that allow users to sell products in a

    • How to Backup and Restore a WINS Database

      How to Backup and Restore a WINS Database

      If you are unable to repair a corrupt database that has been caused by a system failure, a virus attach, a power failure, or a similar disaster, you can first delete the WINS database and then entirely restore it from a backup. The WINS management console is a comprehensive tool which can be used to



      MSOCACHE (Local Install Source) is a setup feature that Microsoft deploys with Microsoft Office 2003. It is a hidden folder that is installed on the target computer’s local hard drive. It can occupy up to 290 Megabytes (MB) of space depending on the Microsoft Office programs that are installed on the computer. This feature eliminates

    • Securing Database Servers

      Securing Database Servers

      Database Server Security Overview When it comes to securing database servers, the actual database software usually provides some security features or mechanism which you can implement. A common database is Microsoft SQL Server which you can manage through its Enterprise Manager tool. The Enterprise Manager can be found in the SQL Server program group. It

    • How to Install DirectX

      How to Install DirectX

      To install DirectX, it is recommended that the latest DirectX version is downloaded directly from Microsoft. Go to the Latest DirectX End-User Runtime download page using Internet Explorer. Click the Download button. Click the Run button to run dxwebsetup.exe immediately. Click the next Run button. Check the circle next to “I accept the agreement.” Click

    • How Windows File Swapping works

      How Windows File Swapping works

      The major advantage of the Microsoft Windows operating system over the previous Disk Operating System (DOS) is that one can open and use multiple programs at the same time; hence the term “Windows” (as in having several windows – or programs or applications – open at one and the same time). This led to the

    • How to Make a Timeline on Microsoft Word

      How to Make a Timeline on Microsoft Word

      A timeline is a tool used in a visual presentation in order to present data or unique events in a sequential fashion over a defined time frame. In the past, unique programs such as the Adobe or Corel tool suites were the only programs available to individuals capable of creating a professional product. Microsoft Word

    • How to Fix a “Cannot Find Server or DNS” Error

      How to Fix a “Cannot Find Server or DNS” Error

      A server is a computer that ‘serves’ the network that it is connected to. It performs functions that are useful to the network. For example, there are file servers that store data and print servers that handle the network printing jobs. Businesses and other institutions often use servers to store important, possibly confidential, information and

    • spooldr.sys


      The file spooldr.sys damages the stability of integral processes necessary for Microsoft (MS) Windows Operating System versions to function correctly. The spooldr.sys infects computers running on MS Windows by making use of the Trojan.Packed.13 malware application. The Trojan.Packed.13 is a malicious process that is distributed through spam known as Peacomm. The Peacomm spam convinces its

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