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    • Electromotive Force

      Electromotive Force

      Electromotive force is the electrical potential energy that causes current to flow through a circuit. It results from the difference in charge between two points in a material. This difference is created when an external source such as a battery makes electrons move to both points so that there is an excess at the first

    • What is an Anechoic Chamber?

      What is an Anechoic Chamber?

      An anechoic chamber prevents sound, radio signals, and electromagnetic waves from echoing  in a room. Anechoic chambers often test antennas, measure the direction of sound, or record music. Anechoic chambers are found all over the world, especially in universities, and can be as large as an aircraft or as small as a car. Full-anechoic chambers

    • Eddy Currents

      Eddy Currents

      Eddy currents are also referred to as Foucault currents and are created when conductors are exposed to a changing magnetic field because of a field source’s relative motion. Their applications include induction heating and non-destructive testing. Eddy currents are continually researched in order to develop new applications. How do Eddy Currents Work? Eddy currents are

    • Geothermal Energy

      Geothermal Energy

      Geothermal energy is a clean and renewable source of energy that comes from the magma typically found underneath the earth's surface. Specifically, the heat of the magma is indirectly utilized to generate large amounts of electricity using modern technology. Geothermal Power Plants Geothermal power plants have a definite advantage over other types of energy production

    • Magnetic Levitation Vehicles

      Magnetic Levitation Vehicles

      A magnetic levitating vehicle (MagLev) is a vehicle that uses a strong electromagnetic field to resist gravity and keep the vehicle floating out of the ground. The technical name is Electromagnetic suspension. The principle of the Electromagnetic suspension is to charge with the same pole the base of the vehicle and the rail with a

    • How a Fuel Cell Works

      How a Fuel Cell Works

      A fuel cell is a device that produces electrical energy through chemical reaction. This energy conversion process is known as electro-chemical energy conversion. The simplest form of electrochemical device that we use in our day to day life is a battery cell. A fuel cell is different from a battery cell in so far as

    • Smart Windows

      Smart Windows

      Smart windows are next-generation windows that control light passage and increase energy efficiency of the room in which they are a fixture without having to block the view that the windows offer. Conventional "Light Control" There is a need to control the light that gets in through windows. For example, clear 'unblocked' windows in the

    • How Fiber Optic Cables Work

      How Fiber Optic Cables Work

      There are two main types of fiber optic cable, which are single mode and multi-mode. Single mode: Single mode fiber optic cable is a narrow strand that only has one mode of transmission. Single mode fibers are able to transmit at high speeds over long distances as a result of their small core. Because single

    • Body Armor

      Body Armor

      Body armor is a protective piece designed to stop projectiles. Modern body armors are also known as bulletproof vests. They are used by police, the Army and private security as default vest. The name bulletproof is deceptive though, as no body armor currently available can stop all bullets. The design and materials have evolved with

    • Facial Recognition System

      Facial Recognition System

      Facial recognition systems are computer programs that are used for automatically identifying a person. Research on this technology started in the mid 1960s. This technology works by using several facial features in a person's image and comparing these with existing images in the database. Facial recognitions systems are used as an additional and mass security

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