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    • Laser Engraver

      Laser Engraver

      As its name suggests very clearly, laser engraving is the art of engraving or marking objects using one or multiple lasers. Considering the preciseness that is required with the engraving, the whole process is quite complex and technical, which often requires a computer. Therefore, as desired, the final engravings are done extremely precise at a

    • What is Neuromarketing?

      What is Neuromarketing?

      Neuromarketing is a field of marketing that involves studying the way people react to marketing techniques and adjusting those techniques to maximize sales and inform the public about a specific product, idea, or campaign. Neuromarketing includes the use of biometric sensors, social studies, and subliminal messaging. While neuromarketing is a relatively new technique, it has

    • Nanomachines


      Nanomachines (nanites) are small computers that are measured in nanometers and can perform tasks on a molecular level. They are relatively new, and while only a theory just a few years ago, they are quickly being integrated into a wide variety of industries and products. It has been projected that within one or two decades,

    • What is Acesulfame Potassium?

      What is Acesulfame Potassium?

      Acesulfame potassium (Acesulfame K or Ace K, where “K” is the elemental symbol for potassium) is commonly used as an artificial sweetener or flavor enhancer. It is used in low calorie food products as it replaces sugar and other natural sweeteners that commonly add large amounts of calories. Acesulfame potassium’s trade names include “Sunett” and

    • Pill Identification Numbers

      Pill Identification Numbers

      Many of us require medication for optimum health and this usually leads us to the pharmacist where we pick up our medicine in the form of pills. As the months and years go by our medicine cabinets become full with a variety of different pills for a host of ailments. Sometimes we no longer know

    • What is Hindsight Bias?

      What is Hindsight Bias?

      Hindsight bias is when people exaggerate their confidence in an event that occurred based on predictions that were made prior to the event’s occurrence. Hindsight bias is just one type of bias that the brain uses to store and recall information. This is because people tend to focus on an event that occurred rather than

    • What is a Laser Profilometer?

      What is a Laser Profilometer?

      A profilometer is an instrument that measures a surface profile to determine its roughness. A surface’s vertical resolution is normally measured at the nanometer level, with lateral resolutions being measured to a less accurate degree. Over the past decade, profilometers have started using laser technology in order to improve the degree to which a surface

    • IMAX


      IMAX, which stands for Image Maximum, is a motion picture format with the capacity for greater size and clearer resolution than standard movie systems. It was developed by the Canadian IMAX Corporation. It dramatically enhances image resolution by making use of larger film stock (70mm with 15 perforations per frame – 10 times larger than

    • How Nuclear Fusion Works

      How Nuclear Fusion Works

      Nuclear Fusion relates to nuclear power. So let us start with the process involved for getting nuclear power. There are, mainly, two processes involved: 1) Nuclear Fission Most of the present day nuclear power plants use this process to get power. This process uses a conventional method of splitting one atom into two. Here high-energy

    • How Insulation Works

      How Insulation Works

      The most common type of insulation that is thought of is thermal insulation. This is the type of insulation you would find in most buildings and homes. It is designed to lower the transfer of heat between the inside of a building and the outside environment. It allows a building to retain its heat during

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