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    • Server Not Found

      Server Not Found

      The “Server Not Found” error message (“404” error) indicates that the web browser (or client) can communicate with the web server, but cannot find the requested information. An error similar to the “404” is the “Server Not Found” error. This error results from the desired destination server not being able to establish a connection with

    • How to Disable AIM

      How to Disable AIM

      What is AIM? AIM is AOL's version of instant messaging application and it allows users to communicate with each other in real time by way of text, voice, and video over the Internet. Features of AIM AIM also has certain features like: Chatroom messaging. Peer-to-peer file sharing with one's buddies. Storing your contact information on

    • How to Change a Yahoo Messenger Password

      How to Change a Yahoo Messenger Password

      To change a Yahoo Messenger Password, visit Yahoo: Change Password. Changing a Yahoo Messenger password changes all passwords for Yahoo’s personalized services including: Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! Chat My Yahoo! Yahoo! Finance The instructions to change a Yahoo Messenger password will only work if the user knows his/her current Yahoo Messenger password. If the user’s Yahoo

    • How to Download Yahoo Mail into Outlook

      How to Download Yahoo Mail into Outlook

      Yahoo Mail is the web-based mail client provided by the popular search engine, Yahoo. Yahoo Mail organizes the email of all Yahoo users and guarantees that users have a way to receive notifications from Yahoo concerning their services and activities. Yahoo Mail is similar to Gmail and Windows Live Mail and is compatible with a

    • Hotmail Password Recovery

      Hotmail Password Recovery

      Hotmail is a free (i.e. advertiser supported) web based e-mail system that the Microsoft Corporation provides. Hotmail Password Recovery Hotmail password recovery methods include: Resetting the Hotmail password online Recovering the stored Hotmail password from the web browser Resetting the Hotmail Password Online The easiest way to recover a Hotmail password is to go to

    • How to Check Who Blocked Me on MSN

      How to Check Who Blocked Me on MSN

      Users of popular instant messaging services such as MSN messenger or the Microsoft Live services may run into the dilemma of one or more of their contacts blocking them. This curiosity can really cause issues, especially if the person on the other end is of some importance to the user. The ability to check the

    • WAMPServer


      WAMP is a mini web server that runs on almost any Windows operating system. WAMP has Apache, PHP (SMTP ports are disabled), and MySQL (phpMyAdmin and SQLitemanager are installed to manage the user’s databases) pre-installed. WAMP is widely used and relied upon for local development or as a ready-to-deploy server. The ease of installation, configuration

    • How to Use Google Earth

      How to Use Google Earth

      What is Google Earth? Google Earth is a compact program that Google created and provides for free. It allows users to visit nearly any location on the planet in a virtual environment. Google Earth is similar to Google Maps but has much more functionality and can be downloaded to the user's computer. By using multiple

    • How to Connect to Usenet

      How to Connect to Usenet

      Usenet is a global Internet discussion system. It was created and implemented by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1979. It comprises of a collection of newsgroups that are classified and structured on the basis of subject. Messages or articles are placed and read by users within these newsgroups. Usenet is considered the predecessor of

    • IEXPLORE.EXE Application Error

      IEXPLORE.EXE Application Error

      Those who use Microsoft Internet Explorer may sometimes encounter an “IEXPLORE.EXE Application Error,” which causes the browser window to crash and become unusable. A variety of issues that may be activated upon configuration of the program or individual files on the hard disk often cause this. IEXPLORE.EXE Application Error Causes Since Internet Explorer is prone

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