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    • Yahoo Messenger Profile

      Yahoo Messenger Profile

      If you are using Yahoo Messenger With Voice, you have the option of using your Yahoo ID profile or creating up to five different profiles. A Yahoo Messenger profile is a unique way of creating a short homepage to let people know information about you. By creating different profiles, you can select a different one

    • What Version of Flash Do I Have?

      What Version of Flash Do I Have?

      Flash is a much needed program installed on web browsers to access a lot of video media on the Internet. While there are other forms of viewing video on the web–HTML 5 being one of the pinnacle examples–Flash is still the most coveted form and therefore, having the right version is important. To determine what

    • How to Watch Movies on the Internet

      How to Watch Movies on the Internet

      Although there are a wide variety of places to rent movies online for a fee, when it comes to watching movies online for free, most people assume that it can only be done illegally (such as watching copyrighted content that has been uploaded to YouTube or downloading a movie through a file-sharing program). However, although

    • Where to Find Free Chat Rooms

      Where to Find Free Chat Rooms

      It is necessary to think about your preferences before looking for the chat rooms best suited for your needs. For instance, you may enjoy typing, or may feel it apt to play a game right from your browser when conversations get monotonous. You may get tired of typing and want to switch to voice or

    • What is Twitter and How Does It Work?

      What is Twitter and How Does It Work?

      Twitter is a social networking site that relies on micro-blogging for communication. By typing short, 140 character messages users can communicate with their followers and get information spread around. Since its inception, Twitter has grown and turned into a massive site used by main stream media as well as average individuals to communicate about important

    • How to Send HTML Email in Outlook

      How to Send HTML Email in Outlook

      Not all email applications are the same. Therefore, users need to use a message format that their recipient’s application supports. Microsoft Outlook offers the flexibility in message formats that users need. The message format that the user chooses determines whether he/she can add formatted text such as bold fonts, colored fonts, and bullets, and whether

    • APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol)

      APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol)

      APOPĀ  (Authenticated Post Office Protocol) is an extension of the traditional POP used for email authentication. The POP allows one’s username and password to be authenticated with an email server. It does so by transmitting the user’s account password in plain text over the Internet, which puts his/her security at risk. The APOP encrypts passwords

    • Where can I Submit my Press Release?

      Where can I Submit my Press Release?

      Writing press releases about your web site and submitting them to press release distribution services is a good way to market your web site. These press release distribution services will help you get in touch with your potential market: United States PR Newswire PRWeb Free Press Release Press Flash dime-co United Kingdom PR Newswire UK

    • How to Export MSN Favorites

      How to Export MSN Favorites

      Most people that use MSN take advantage of its book marking feature called MSN Favorites. MSN users who come across a great website can easily save the address to visit it later with a simple mouse click. One way in which MSN goes beyond the traditional browser favorites feature is that it allows users to

    • Browser Based

      Browser Based

      Browser based is a term that refers to any piece of software which runs inside of a web browser. Benefits of Browser Based Applications Developing a browser-based application saves software developers from having to create a front-end for their applications. This reduces development cost and time and allows the software developers to devote more resources

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