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    • How to Add a Site Search Feature to Your Web Site

      How to Add a Site Search Feature to Your Web Site

      A site search feature is an option to enable your web users to search your entire web site for the content they are looking for. The two general methods of implementing a site search are: Site Search Online Services Site Search Server Based Programs Site Search Online Services FreeFind is an online service that will

    • How to Restore the iTunes Library

      How to Restore the iTunes Library

      People have many reasons for  restoring the iTunes library. These include purchasing a new computer, reloading an operating system, or suffering a hard drive crash. Once the computer is restored, the iTunes program has to be reinstalled if it is not backed up via alternative means. Once installed, music in the previous iTunes library will

    • How to Uninstall Internet Explorer

      How to Uninstall Internet Explorer

      Uninstalling Internet Explorer because it is giving problems or for any other reason is a relatively simple task. How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Click the “Start” button on the desktop’s bottom left hand corner. Double click “Control Panel.” The Control Panel window will open and display a variety of tasks. Double click “Add or Remove

    • How to Install Yahoo Messenger

      How to Install Yahoo Messenger

      Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging software, provided by Yahoo, which allows users to instantly communicate with each other via text-based messages, audio recordings, live audio feeds, and webcam feeds. Yahoo Messenger allows users to contact any of their Yahoo or Facebook friends, as well as import contacts from other email addresses, and can support

    • How to Unblock Websites

      How to Unblock Websites

      It is becoming more common every day for various organizations to block access to websites for either security or productivity reasons. As a result, end-users will often find themselves in need of figuring out how to unblock websites. By unblocking a website, the action of obtaining or gaining access to a website that is currently

    • Browser Based

      Browser Based

      Browser based is a term that refers to any piece of software which runs inside of a web browser. Benefits of Browser Based Applications Developing a browser-based application saves software developers from having to create a front-end for their applications. This reduces development cost and time and allows the software developers to devote more resources

    • How to Uninstall Google Chrome

      How to Uninstall Google Chrome

      The process of uninstalling Google Chrome depends on the operating system. Uninstalling Google Chrome for Windows Uninstalling Google Chrome for Windows via the automatic uninstaller is a very simple process. Follow these steps to uninstall Google Chrome for Windows: 1. Go to the Windows  Start menu, click All Programs, click Google Chrome, then click Uninstall Google

    • How to Link a Charter Email with Outlook

      How to Link a Charter Email with Outlook

      A Charter Pipeline email account is a high speed Internet account obtained through www.charter.com. Since users can add several email accounts to their Outlook, they can send and receive email messages from their Charter Pipeline account through Outlook. How to Link a Charter Email with Outlook Open Outlook. Click the Tools menu and select E-mail

    • Deep Web

      Deep Web

      The terms Deep Web, Hidden Web, Invisible web and Deep Net describe the portion of the World Wide Web that is not visible to the public or has not been indexed by the search engines. Some portions of the deep web consist of dynamic pages accessible only via a form or submitted query. Web pages

    • Firefox Toolbar

      Firefox Toolbar

      A Firefox Toolbar can be any toolbar within Mozilla Firefox, whether it is a default toolbar provided by Firefox or an add-on provided by third-party extensions. Firefox currently has five default toolbars that can be turned on and off at any time: the Menu Bar, the Tab Strip, the Navigation Toolbar, the Bookmarks Toolbar, and

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